About our pottery
Our pottery is made from our own specially formulated stoneware clay. All the ingredients are naturally occurring minerals mined in the eastern United States. Our glazes are made exclusively by us, having been developed after many years' research. Naturally no toxic materials are used in our clay or glazes.

Our pottery is fired to nearly 2400 degrees F, a temperature well above the melting point of many metals. Consequently you will find each piece is extremely durable. Nearly everything we make is suitable for oven or microwave use and is dishwasher safe. Our pottery requires no special care but should never be subjected to direct stove-top heat or sudden extreme temperature changes. We will replace any piece that fails within one year due to thermal shock. We hope our pottery gives you many years of pleasure.

About Our Glazes
Our highly durable and popular glaze colors are called "rust," "white," "yellow," and "green."
The pictures should give you a good idea of some of the color choices available.

We welcome visitors to our studio year round, seven days a week, between 9 am and 5 pm. It's always best to call first. We will be happy to send you a map so you won't get lost!

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brownie pan - rust glaze